Patient Information

Your appointment will include an in-depth assessment of falls risk. This will be followed by a comprehensive exam with one of our geriatricians.

Who Should Visit and What to Expect

To be eligible for the Falls Prevention Clinic, you must meet the following criteria.


  • are aged 70 or over,
  • are community-dwelling and ambulatory (with our without assistive devices) in the Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby or North/West Vancouver area,
  • have had at least one fall in the previous 12 months,
  • have not had a hip fracture or hip replacement in the previous 2 years,
  • have not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia,
  • do not have any progressive neurological conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.),
  • are able to walk at least 3 meters (with or without assistive device), and
  • are able to verbally communicate well in English

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in being seen at our Clinic, please speak to your family physician about a referral.


What to expect at the appointment

At the Falls Prevention Clinic, your appointment will include a Falls Risk Assessment and a comprehensive assessment with a geriatrician. The evidence-based Falls Risk Assessment will be performed by one of our staff, and will include various tests and activities to assess your strength, balance, vision, proprioception and reaction time. There will also be a variety of questionnaires assessing your state of independent living and cognitive health. Afterwards, you will see a geriatrician (physician specializing in the care of seniors) who will focus on diagnosis, test interpretation, and intervention to prevent future falls.

Your appointment may take up to 3 hours.


How to prepare for your appointment

Before your appointment we will mail you a confirmation letter that tells you where your appointment will take place, and what you should wear and bring to your appointment.

Please bring:

  • A list of all of the medications and supplements you are currently taking and their doses
  • Your eye glasses
  • Shoes that you normally wear for walking